DSA Advanced Science

  • DSA Advanced Science provides a competitive edge above our regular syllabus programmes and serves to cater to different points of focus for our high-achieving PSLE students. It also aims to fulfil advanced students’ wish for more knowledge.
Course Outline
  • Students are taught specific topics in Biology (1st module), Chemistry and Physics (2nd module).
  • Skills and knowledge papers comprises questions very similar to science-competition style are included.
  • All questions are challenging and aim to hone student’s analytical thinking and logical deduction skills.
  • Besides focusing on the theory of the topics, activities and experiments relating to the topics will be conducted to strengthen the knowledge of the students.
Chemistry Physics Biology
– Scientific Method
– Kinetic Particle Theory
– Atomic Structure
– Elements, Compounds & Mixtures
– Separation Techniques
– Knowledge Quiz 1
– Experiment: Chemical Reaction
– Units & Measurements
– Rate & Speed
– Mass, Weight & Density
– Force & Pressure
– Thermal Energy
– Sound Energy
– Electrical Energy
– Light Energy
– Knowledge Quiz 2
– Experiment: Pressure in Liquid
– Cells, Tissues, Organs and Systems
– “Experiment 1 (The Naked Egg)”
– Movement of Substances
– “Experiment 2 (Egg-cellent Osmosis)”
– Enzymes
– “General Health (Nutrients & Diseases)”
– Human Anatomy (Part 1)
– Human Anatomy (Part 2)
– Genetics & Heredity
– Ecosystem
– Knowledge Quiz 3
– Skills Paper I

Topics covered are subjected to change depending on the ability of students.