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Bukit Batok

Mr Michael Lim

Mr Lim is a popular Mathematical Olympiad trainer who has inspired many of his students to perform beyond expectation and produced numerous medalists in the Singapore-Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and Singapore Mathematical Olympiad over the past few years.

With his inborn Mathematical intuition, outstanding spatial ability and adopting an interactive teaching style, Mr Lim has impressed and motivated even the most reluctant learner.

Mr Lim has designed and developed the hands-on Mathematical Program for the Lower Primary level that is being used for the IQ Maths classes in the centre.

He is currently conducting Mathematical Olympiad training in local schools.

Mr Desmond Hoe

Mr Hoe graduated from the faculty of Engineering (Electrical), National University of Singapore. During the pursuit of his degree, he tutored both Primary and Secondary students and was able to motivate them to score well in their examinations.

Mr Hoe’s main strength lies in being able to bond with students and encourage them to participate actively in his lessons. Mr Hoe is also well-known for his patience and this has made him a suitable instructor to teach the most unwilling students.

He is currently conducting Mathematical Olympiad training and PSLE A* Achievers in local schools.

Mr Chris Chen

Mr Chen graduated with Second Class Honours in Business (Bachelor Degree) from University of London.

Influenced by his father who had been a teacher for more than 30 years, Mr Chen has a strong passion for teaching.

He believes that an interest in Mathematics can be cultivated by building up one’s confidence in tackling mathematical problems. He conducts his lesson in a progressive manner, which ensures that students have mastered the foundations before attempting challenging questions. This allows the weak students to build up their confidence in the subject.

In order to make his lessons engaging, he uses different ways and methods to attract his students’ interests in the questions.

Mr Kam Wen Zhong

Mr Kam graduated with a Second Upper Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Mathematical Sciences, with a specialisation in Statistics, from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). During his university days, Mr Kam provided tuition to Secondary students of different levels who went on to achieve good results.

He also conducted Mathematics Remedial Programme in a Secondary School. Being an approachable and amiable individual, Mr Kam is able to build good rapport with his students and engage them in the lesson. Besides that, he recognises the importance of conceptual understanding and conscientious practice to augment students’ confidence in the subject area and subsequently instil an inherent interest in the student for the subject. Thus, Mr Kam uses different methods and real life examples to help students grasp the necessary concepts with the aim of developing a strong foundation in the subject. He believes that when there is understanding together with adequate practice, the student will excel.

Ms Emily Ang

Ms Ang graduated with a Diploma in Electronic and Computing Engineering from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Influenced by her teachers, Ms Ang developed a strong passion for teaching during her schooling days and has been tutoring young children since.

Ms Ang is able to captivate her students and keep them interested in class. She believes that children have to be nurtured from a young age and takes great joy in teaching them. Her dedication and patience in providing the best education make her popular among the children.

Dr Herry Gunadi Sudibya

Dr Herry graduated from Nanyang Technological University with PhD in Bioengineering. He has more than 7 years of teaching experience since he was an undergraduate student; teaching mainly the Secondary and Junior College students. He is a very versatile teacher and is able to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology subjects.

His interactive teaching style made him selected as Best Teacher voted by undergraduate students in the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (NTU) when he studied his Doctorate.

Over the years after he completed his study, he has helped a lot of students in the learning centre improving their academic results. Besides, he has also been conducting various school enrichment programs, providing Math Olympiad training in schools and conducting classes for the diploma students.

Ms Pauline Ker

Having worked with the Maths Hub group since 2006, Ms Ker is one of our most experienced trainers. She has been part of the core group of founding trainers who have been developing the curriculum as wells as conducting training. During this period, she has also taught numerous medallists in Math Olympiad competitions such as the NMOS and SMOPS.

Being encouraging and approachable, Ms Ker is well-liked by her students and they feelcomfortable attending her lessons. She understands that each student has distinctive learning capabilities and hence will do her best in guiding them to ascertain their optimal potential. Ms Ker is always in search of new methodology to inspire her students to improve their grades in the subject.

Mdm Tan Buay Choo

Mdm Tan is a graduate from the School of Electrical Engineering at Singapore Polytechnic. She is an experienced teacher who has been educating Primary school students for more than ten years.
Being a patient and devoted teacher, Mdm Tan strives to bring out the best in each and every student.

Taking pride in her profession, Mdm Tan always prepares for her lessons well in advance. Her desire to be consistently in sync with the latest education system is proof of her commitment towards teaching.

Mr Max Lim

Mr Lim graduated from Hwa Chong Institution and is currently pursuing a degree in National University of Singapore, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr Lim has a strong interest for science, especially in Physics and Chemistry.He has contributed to Science Hub during his secondary school days by designing experimental material and method for lessons.

Mr Lim strongly believes in learning through self discovery and pushes students to learn through self derivation, rather than absorbing spoon-fed information. Students equipped with the fundamental knowledge in a subject, can excel given the right guidance, subtle prompts and reminders.

Ms Chiong Lin Lee

Ms Chiong graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science (Hons) in Finance from University College Dublin – National University of Ireland, Dublin.

Having a jovial and spontaneous personality, she is able to connect with the students and make the class enjoyable. With her teaching experience, she understands that every student has different learning capabilities; therefore, she is always exploring new ways to ensure that her students are able to grasp the concepts taught to the maximum.

Mr Daniel Yap

Mr Yap is currently pursuing a Computer Science Degree in NTU, specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

Mr Yap actively teaches Maths, Sciences and conducts computing workshops for local Secondary Schools. He develops students’ confidence by encouraging them to gradually push to their limits and feel the achievement accomplished. Mr Yap also makes his lessons engaging by using everyday examples and teaching extra knowledge during breaks (e.g. Coding to Photoshop) to reignite students’ thrill in learning new skills.

Believing that learning is optimal with two-way communication, his students find it easy to seek clarifications when in doubt.

Mr Liew Jonathan

Mr Liew graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Aeronautical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic and is currently pursuing a Mechanical Engineering Degree in Nanyang Technological University.

Having previously conducted workshops in robotics and aeromodelling, Mr Liew found great joy in teaching and interacting with students while encouraging them to appreciate how Math and Science are being applied in society today. He enjoys using practical demonstrations and experiments to engage students, pique their curiosity and assist them in understanding concepts.

Mr Liew greatly believes that helping each student find their interest in the subject through understanding real world applications will empower them to find out more and stretch their potential.