(Sc1000) Let’s start from SCRATCH

Course Description

Scratch is a software that empowers users to easily combine media to create and share their own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. As young learners work on projects in Scratch, they learn critical 21st-century skills such as:

1. Creative Thinking
2. Effective Communication
3. Systematic Analysis
4. Design Thinking

Our thoughtfully designed module engages young learners in the design process by imagining, testing, refining and redesigning their masterpiece creations with Scratch. In the process, they learn key academic concepts, such as computational ideas and mathematics.

Who this course is for

This course is designed with challenge-based activities and hosted on Google’s online learning platform.
It is the perfect starter for young children who want a future in Coding, Game Development, or Design.

Course Outline
Session 1 – Introduction to Scratch Session 2 – Animation
– Sprites / Backdrops
– Basic Events
– Effects
– Create a Story
– Movements and Animation
– Scale and Rotate
Session 3 – Core Computing Concept Session 4 – Game Development I
– Event Handling – Controlling your sprites
– Adding Score, Timer and Life Counter
– Conditionals and loops
– Storyboarding – Theory
– Video Sensing
– Adding Audio/Music
– Making a Clicker Game
Session 5 – Game Development II
– Storyboarding – Application
– Making a Chase Game
– Project Showcase