(Py100) Everyone can Code with Python

1. What is Coding?
Coding is the process of writing a set of instructions for the computer to perform tasks. It is a highly valued skill, with big companies actively seeking high ability coders to solve complex problems and create new products.

2. What is Python and why Python?
Python is a general-purpose programming language that has been ranked consistently number one in many coding language popularity surveys. It is supported by big technology companies like Google. We choose Python as an introductory programming language because of its easy-to-understand syntax, yet versatile and powerful libraries.

3. How will coding help my child in School?
Coding helps your child in logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The ability to break down a complex problem into many smaller and simpler tasks enhances the chances of a successful solution. The skill is easily transferable to other subjects such as Math and Science.

4. My child is 10/11 years old and has no programming experience. Should he take the Scratch Introduction course or the Python Introduction course?
It depends on his level of comfort with text-based input using a laptop. The Scratch Introduction uses a block-coding interface, which is more children-friendly. Python, on the other hand, is a complete programming language that uses a text-based input.

5. My child is new to programming. Will he/she be able to follow?
The course is designed for beginners with zero programming experience. To maximise the learning, the learner needs to possess basic mouse and keyboarding skills.

6. Do I need to bring my computer laptop or any other equipment?
All equipment and notes will be provided. Learners may only need to bring their water bottle and basic writing materials just in case they want to plan on a piece of paper.