About us


Mr Chen Han

Mr Chen Han graduated from National University of Singapore with B.Sc. Honours degree and majored in Applied Mathematics. He had been awarded the Chinese JM3 Scholarships during his high school studies in NUS High School of Math and Science, as well as the MOE PRC Scholarship during his university studies.

Mr Chen had developed a strong passion and foundation in Mathematics since primary school, and won numerous awards such as Silver Medal in Chinese Primary School Math Olympiad Competition, Bronze Medal in Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (Open section) etc.

During his studies in High school and university, Mr Chen had continuously given tuition for primary and secondary students and helped them enhance their mathematical thinking and ability. He is able to adopt appropriate approaches during his teaching for every individual. He aims to provide an efficient and interesting learning environment for the students.

Dr Herry Gunadi Sudibya

Dr Herry graduated from Nanyang Technological University with PhD in Bioengineering. He has more than 7 years of teaching experience since he was an undergraduate student; teaching mainly the Secondary and Junior College students. He is a very versatile teacher and is able to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology subjects.

His interactive teaching style made him selected as Best Teacher voted by undergraduate students in the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (NTU) when he studied his Doctorate.

Over the years after he completed his study, he has helped a lot of students in the learning centre improving their academic results. Besides, he has also been conducting various school enrichment programs, providing Math Olympiad training in schools and conducting classes for the diploma students.



Ms Ong Soek Min

Ms Ong graduated with a First Class Honours in Science with Education [B. Sc. (Ed.) (Hons.)]. She majored in Biology and completed a minor in Mathematics.

Ms Ong had been working as a qualified secondary school teacher in Penang, Malaysia for the past few years, where she taught Sec 1 Math and Sec 4 Additional Math. Miss Ong joins Maths n Science Hub since 2013, and has been playing a vital role in the formation of our Science Program in schools. On top of her role as a science coordinator, she specializes in teaching Primary Math Olympiad covering Primary 2 to Primary 5 syllabus.

With her ample teaching experience, Ms Ong is able to identify different needs among students and find suitable solutions for them. This will help the weak students to build up their confidence in the subject. Ms Ong always prepares extensively for her lessons to ensure that they are beneficial and enjoyable through various interactive games and activities. Hence, students are able to understand and enjoy her teaching.



Mdm Elaine Yap

Mdm Yap graduated with a B. Sc. (Hons) in Microbiology [2nd Upper] in NUS.

While in Secondary school, Mdm Yap won the first prize in the first nationwide SAGE essay writing competition. Her career in Corporate Communications and Mass Media involved editing and approving advertisements as well as writing speeches and press releases. She had published a series of Health Education books for Primary School students. She has been writing English, Mathematics and Science enrichment materials for Primary School students for the past 4 years.

Mdm Yap is able to identify weaknesses in language ability among students and find innovative ways to help them improve. Students find her approachable and dedicated.