About us


Mr Alex Choong

Mr Choong graduated with Second Upper Class Honours in Mathematical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Statistics and minoring in Economics.

Mr Choong’s strong interest in Mathematics has led him to participate in competitions such as the Singapore – Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and National Mathematical Olympiad Competition and has achieved Distinction in both competitions. In addition, Mr Choong has passed the Mensa Singapore Raven’s IQ Test.

Mr Choong’s ability in Mathematics was recognized in 2005 when he was invited to train a group of 8 primary school students who competed in the Malaysia state-level SMOPS and won the second runner-up team prize. In university, Mr Choong was a peer tutor to his course mates, helping them in understanding Mathematical theories and solving difficult questions.

Mr Choong believes that an interest in Mathematics can be cultivated and every child with a strong interest in Mathematics can excel in this subject.


Ms Chong Yen Lu

Ms Chong graduated from University of Western Australia with Master’s Degree in Business, Majoring in Marketing.

Influenced and inspired by her family who is also in the educational industry, Ms. Chong genuinely likes and communicates well with young children. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in each of her students, as she believes that is the key to a successful classroom.


Mr Chew Yew Tong

Mr Chew Yew Tong graduated from Temasek Junior College with an A for Mathematics, and has experience in numerous mathematical competitions such as SMO and AMC. He is currently pursuing a double degree in National University of Singapore.

He believes that Mathematics tells the story of life, is highly applicable in everyday life, and feels that cultivating a love for Mathematics at a young age can lead to an extraordinarily bright future.


Mr Delli Hakim

Mr Delli has been a Math tutor since he graduated from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Mathematical Sciences. He has been teaching Math Olympiad since Year 2011.

In his school days, Mr Delli won first prize for Mathematics competitions organized by various top universities in Indonesia. He was also selected to join Indonesia IMO team to compete in the regional competitions as well as International Mathematical Olympiad. With his familiarity with the structure of Math Olympiad questions, he had helped many students accomplish desired results in Math Olympiad competition.

Mr Delli’s students know him as someone who is fun and engaging. Through his teaching experience, he believes that building great relationship with students improves the quality of learning.


Ms Melissa Kuan

Ms Kuan graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She enjoys teaching and recognizes the significance of good quality education. She strongly believes that every student deserves the opportunity to acquire enhanced skills and knowledge so as to attain their utmost potential.

Ms Kuan has been giving private tuition to primary and secondary students since 2000. She was once a relief teacher in a Secondary School. Many of her students have benefited from her out-of-the-box approach to tackle different problems.

Being devoted and amicable, Ms Kuan is able to engage her students effortlessly and conduct stimulating lessons that provoke their curiosity. She aims to impact and inculcate understanding as well as create a lively learning environment to make learning fun and rewarding.


Mr Lee Kee Wei

Mr Lee has graduated with an Honours with Distinction from the National University of Singapore, where he majored in Mathematics + USP (University Scholar Programme). Moreover, he completed the Special Mathematics Programme in NUS.

Mr Lee actively participated in mathematics competitions when he was in the secondary school. He has won several awards in Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (Senior and Open). He was also awarded distinction in Australian Mathematics Competition. In his undergraduate days, he participated in various undergraduate math competitions. He was placed 5th in NTU’s Euler Math Competition 2014, participated in the 2016 William Putnam Math Competition during his exchange in Boston University and placed 10th in the Simon Marais Math Competition 2017.

Mr Lee has a strong passion for Mathematics ever since his upper Secondary school days and always been enthusiastic to educate people about its wonders. Mr Lee believes in critical and dynamic learning, which encourages students to think and discover their own tricks and elegant techniques for Mathematics.


Mr Sim Ming Teck

Mr Sim holds a degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.

With years of teaching experience, Mr Sim understands the thinking processes of different kinds of students, which helps him find efficient ways to explain difficult and complex scientific concepts to his students.

Mr Sim does not only focus on teaching the school syllabus but also engages students in discussion about other Science related subjects such as astronomy and microbiology. He believes it will inspire students’ natural curiosity, invoke their creativity and cultivate their long term interest in Science.