About us


Mr Alex Choong

Mr Choong graduated with Second Upper Class Honours in Mathematical Sciences from Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Statistics and minoring in Economics.

Mr Choong’s strong interest in Mathematics has led him to participate in competitions such as the Singapore – Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools and National Mathematical Olympiad Competition and has achieved Distinction in both competitions. In addition, Mr Choong has passed the Mensa Singapore Raven’s IQ Test.

Mr Choong’s ability in Mathematics was recognized in 2005 when he was invited to train a group of 8 primary school students who competed in the Malaysia state-level SMOPS and won the second runner-up team prize. In university, Mr Choong was a peer tutor to his course mates, helping them in understanding Mathematical theories and solving difficult questions.

Mr Choong believes that an interest in Mathematics can be cultivated and every child with a strong interest in Mathematics can excel in this subject.

Ms Chong Yen Lu

Ms Chong graduated from University of Western Australia with Master’s Degree in Business, Majoring in Marketing.

Influenced and inspired by her family who is also in the educational industry, Ms. Chong genuinely likes and communicates well with young children. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in each of her students, as she believes that is the key to a successful classroom.


Dr Herry Gunadi Sudibya

Dr Herry graduated from Nanyang Technological University with PhD in Bioengineering. He has more than 7 years of teaching experience since he was an undergraduate student; teaching mainly the Secondary and Junior College students. He is a very versatile teacher and is able to teach mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology subjects.

His interactive teaching style made him selected as Best Teacher voted by undergraduate students in the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (NTU) when he studied his Doctorate.

Over the years after he completed his study, he has helped a lot of students in the learning centre improving their academic results. Besides, he has also been conducting various school enrichment programs, providing Math Olympiad training in schools and conducting classes for the diploma students.


Mr Way Tan

Mr Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore with Double Honours (Highest Distinction) in Mathematics & Computer Science. He was conferred the Leong Teng Kiang Memorial Prize (Top Student in Mathematics) and GIC Medal & Prize (Top Computing Student from the University Scholars Programme).

Mr Tan’s love for mathematics led him to excel in many Math Olympiads since a young age. In primary school, he placed 1st in the RIPMWC and 2nd in the NMOS + SMOPS; while in NUS High School, he came in 1st in the SMO Junior + Senior and 2nd in the SMO Open. His mathematical engagements extended beyond Olympiads: participating in online puzzle contests, organising math training camps and most notably, earning the top prize in the A*STAR Talent Search for his research project.

Mr Tan joined Maths Hub in 2016, where he first discovered an affinity towards teaching. He has since continued to seek out diverse teaching experiences, such as conducting Math & Informatics Olympiad training in Secondary Schools/JCs and tutoring a 2nd-year undergraduate NUS course – consistently receiving positive reviews from teachers and students alike. Mr Tan takes pleasure in helping students understand complex concepts through real-life analogies, interdisciplinary connections, humour, and gentle encouragement.


Ms Yvonne Wong

Ms Wong graduated from the Teachers’ Training College and has been educating young children for more than 10 years. She was once a supervisor of a kindergarten.

Ms Wong bonds very well with her students as she recognizes their progression through encouragement and rewards. Many students who were taught by her had improved significantly in grades.


Mr Matthias Liau

Mr Liau graduated from NUS High School with Top Honours in Chemistry. With a passion for the chemical sciences, he has won several awards in the Chemistry Olympiads and represented Singapore in the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2017. Subsequently, he has trained other students to pursue excellence in the Chemistry Olympiad and also plays a small role in training students in the national team.

Mr Liau strongly believes that an interest in the subject, coupled with appropriate guidance, can bring out the fullest potential in every student.


Mr Jovan Liau

Mr Liau graduated from NUS High School, where he had countless opportunities to explore and test his limits in both physics and chemistry.

With a deep interest in both physics and chemistry, Mr Liau studied for both Olympiads and took part in various competitions, such as representing Singapore in the European Physics Olympiad (EuPhO) and the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO). He also has interest in scientific inquiry, taking part in both the Singapore Young Physicists Tournament (SYPT) and the International Chemistry Tournament (IChTo). Mr Liau strongly believes that the passion of the student would drive the student to achieve the goals they seek.


Mr Goh Zhi Jie

Mr Goh graduated from Raffles Institution in 2019 with a perfect score of 90 points in the A Level examinations. Having a strong passion in Biology and Chemistry, Mr Goh won two Gold awards in the Singapore Junior Biology Olympiad and was among the top 30 participants in the Singapore Biology Olympiad.

Having a keen interest in Biology, Mr Goh pioneered a microbiology research project for which he was selected to present at an international student conference in Japan, where he won the second prize. In addition, he also worked with professors at NUS on genetics research for medical diagnosis.